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Promotions and discounts

Discount if payment is made within five days of submitting the request.
Invite a designer to place an order for curtains and home textiles, sign the contract and make an advance payment within five days after submitting the request and get a 15% discount.
Birthday Discount
Submit the request for custom curtains or home textiles, sign the contract within three days before and after the birthday and get an 18% discount.
When ordering custom curtains
Get a 10% discount on the first curtain cleaning within the first six months.
We provide a discount for orders with a large amount of work
For cottages, country houses, restaurants, etc. Specify details by phone.
*Promotions and discounts are not accumulated with any other offers or promotions.
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About Company

Protko Design Solution is a privately owned family business with 30 years of history. The company was founded in 1992 by talented and purposeful Natalya Novozhilova. It was a small enterprise for tailoring curtains and home textiles from Turkish fabrics according to the customer’s measurements.

Natalia worked, expanded her business, and raised her son, Gleb Protko. Since childhood, he loved watching how his mother worked, and he began to help her over time. He was helping with the installation of the curtains and later decided to study design technology. In 2015, Gleb opened his own company focusing on the interior design of commercial and residential real estate projects, “Protko Design Solution.”

Deep expert knowledge, long-term experience  and family values are the main principles of our company. That is why we are known and respected by clients in Latvia and other European countries.

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